Finland – Local experiences


 amarillo Tammisaari old town

Ekenäs Old Town with its wooden houses spreads out to the seashore. The street names tell the story of the life of the townspeople and how they got along hundreds of years ago. Here, the streets have stayed the same since the 16th century. Street names such as the Hatter’s Street (Hattmakaregatan), Linen Weaver’s Street (Linvävaregatan), Cloth Weaver’s Street (Handskmakaregatan), Smith’s Street (Smedsgatan) and Tanner’s Street (Garvaregatan) reveal that Barcken’s peninsula in Ekenäs once was populated by skilful craftsmen.

 amarillo Tytyri mine museum

The Tytyri Mine Museum takes you 100m underground into a real working mine. Explore the cool and humid mine shafts as you find out more about the history of mining through displays, drawings and photographs. Visit to 100 metre-wide and 100 metre-deep underground cave gives a good picture of the huge size of Tytyri limestone mine.

 amarillo Three beverage producers –a tasting tour in Fiskars Village

Fiskars Village is an old ironworks village in the middle of Raasepori municipality. Today it is a

vibrant arts and handicraft village. A local guide will lead you into the history of Fiskars Village with interesting stories. Dinner packages upon request. The programme duration is 2-3 hours and it includes visits to three local small breweries and tasting of their products:

  • Ägräs Distillery,
  • Fiskars Brewery,
  • Kuura cider.
 amarillo Traditional games in the Kettukallio forest farm

Kettukallio – the Fox Rock in Finnish is a traditional forest place in Lohja municipality. The old wooden buildings, smoke sauna and the small pond makes the surroundings truly authentic.

The traditional games originated in old times and are funny leisure activities suitable for all.

The programme duration is 1.5 – 2 hours and includes games like:

  • running water wobbling tower
  • separate the wheat from the chaff.

Optional activities include smoke sauna, eating by the camp fire, trekking in the Finnish forest, etc.

 amarillo Wellbeing from wild herbs in Purnus river valley

SE-Action is in old farming area in Purnus river valley in Siuntio. The picturesque surroundings

Offer a perfect experience in the Finnish rural scenery with the local friendly atmosphere. Herbal therapy is the oldest system of medicine in the world. Already being close to nature effects our health in a positive way.

The programme duration is 1.5 – 5 hours depending on arrangement and it includes:

  • A herb hike guided by a phytotherapist to learn about the most common medicinal herbs growing wild in Finnish nature and about their health impact.
  • Some easy exercises during the walk, aiming to create contact to nature and to sensitize ourselves into listening to our own body.

The herb hike can be combined with a relaxing herbal sauna or aninspiring herbal workshop.

 amarillo Lohjansaari Island

Lohjansaari island is in the middle of the largest fresh water lake in southern Finland. Due to its fertile soil and warm micro climate, the area hosts several arboretums. You can visit apple vineyard or spend the night at Martinpiha destination and enjoy a truly rural experience with the friendly local people.