verde LAHEMAA National park
Visitor centre: RMK Lahemaa National Park Centre, information point, Palmse Lääne-Viru County
Distance from Tallinn: 52 km
Phone: +372 329 5555


The word Lahemaa means Land of Bays in Estonian. Perfect for a day trip out of Tallinn for a hiking trip and nature watching. Attractions: North-Estonian coast with peninsulas and bays, diverse forest types, Baltic Klint, alvars, rich cultural heritage, and a broad diversity of flora and fauna.  The Lahemaa National Park is the first national park in the Baltic States. 


Hike in Viru bog

A guided tour leads through the bog over a boardwalk. The trail is about 3.5km long. During the tour, the visitors will see the landscape from a watchtower, visit a peat milling field, take a look at and touch various plants, and talk about the related lore and the significance of bogs to the biota. 

Nature hikes in Lahemaa

Trips with experienced nature guides will introduce the nature and cultural heritage of Lahemaa. Visitors will look at boulders and waterfalls, visit bogs and coastal villages, see some manors, ancient holy groves and burial sites, the military heritage, interesting museums, and farms.


 verde KARULA National Park
Visitor centre: RMK information point at the visitor centre of Karula National Park, Ähijärve village, Võru County
Distance from Tallinn: 280km
Phone: +372 782 8350


Nature in Karula National Park (total area 123 sq. km) is very versatile. In the northern part of the national park semi-natural landscapes prevail which have emerged as a result of millennia of human activity. Here sparsely situated farms alternate with strips of fields, pastures, forests and lakes. The southern part of the national park is covered with huge expanses of forest with smaller bogs and mires in-between. Main attractions: Scenic Lake Ähijärv (176ha), Rebasemõisa Tornimägi hill (137.8 m above sea level), undulating landscape.


  • Hiking and cycling
  • Adventure tourism
  • Fishing
  • Nature photography


 verde SOOMAA National Park
Visitor centre: RMK information desk in the centre of Soomaa National Park, Kõrtsi-Tõramaa, Tipu village, Viljandi County
Distance from Tallinn: 150km
Phone: +372 526 1924


Soomaa National Park has been established for the protection of large bogs, flooded meadows, forests and heritage culture in the south-western part of Central Estonia. The National Park extends on a 390 sq km area.

Life in Soomaa depends on the weather more than anywhere else in Estonia. The rivers of Soomaa cannot take in all the waters flowing down from the Sakala Uplands in spring. Thus the water flows to meadows and forests and floods even the roads, cutting the connection with the rest of the world. The floods are called the “fifth season” by the people of Soomaa, because floods occur nearly every year. The fifth season is the best time to explore the landscape of Soomaa.Attractions:Bogs, floods, intact nature.


  • Canoeing in Soomaa
  • Trips with skiffs made of a single tree trunk (called haabjas)
  • Walking tours in nature park
  • Nature observation and nature photography
  • Picking berries and mushrooms
  • Fishing